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ultiMate Boat Talk Member Meeting on March 13, 2024

Mike Novack | Published on 2/1/2024

Mike Novack moved to Port Townsend in 1996 and immediately started boat detailing and underwater service business.  He spent the next several years growing the business having 3-6 seasonal employees with two of them working with him for over 15 years.


In 2004, he got his captain’s license.  Over the years, he has upgraded and now holds a 100 ton Near Coastal Masters with sailing, towing and radar endorsements.


From 2004 through 2018, Mike captained with Vessel Assist (Boat US). He was also a salvage diver lifting and towing several sunken vessels, trucks & barges.


In 2008, Mike invented and patented an underwater propeller cover. He held a utility patent on this item with over 45 claims.  The item is basically a cover that is placed over a vessels propeller and removed before leaving the dock by pulling webbing that is lead to the cockpit.  The cover is removed by the boat owner guaranteeing a clean, just serviced propeller.


2011 through 2018 he had the Boat US dispatch center on his property on Oak Bay Road.


From 2012 through 2019, he owned a romantic gondola business, Las Olas Gondola, out of Fort Lauderdale Florida on the New River with my father. He spent 3 weeks a month in Florida from November through February. He then sold the business to one of his captains in 2019.


With COVID in 2020, his business changed direction as he was unable to find reliable workers for his boat detailing business. So, for the past 4 years, he has focused my business on underwater services.


In 2021, after losing his father, Mike put together and published a book filled with his father’s favorite “old school” jokes.  This is a collection of his favorite jokes- now considered offensive humor from the 60’s through 80’s.  Really good stuff but not for everybody.  You can find this tribute to his dad in Dad’s Index Card Kit at 


In 2023, he and his wife purchased a new boat - 23’ 2023 Parker Pilot House.  Irene, named after his wife’s mother, is kept in Port Hadlock and they have enjoyed many adventures with her. Also, he is offering transportation services with her as well though Port Townsend Water Taxi

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