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2024 Is Underway

Eileen Baratuci | Published on 2/1/2024

Bill Eileen New Boat

 I am excited to see our club’s plans for the boating season falling into place. I am even more excited to participate in as many events and excursions as possible. With a new boat heading our way, coupled with full retirement, there are lots of reasons to get out on the water. I hope you feel the same. If you no longer have a boat, and you would like to spend time on the water, some of our members have expressed an interest in having you join them or crew with them to make the boating experience more enjoyable for everyone. We’ll help with connecting you, so just let me or a cruise captain know.

Before Bill and I can get on the water, our new boat needs to arrive, which is still slated for late March. Here is a photo of the "Sargo Explorer 31" we ordered. Meanwhile, we have a full set of interesting programs available, thanks to our many volunteers. Read the Baggywrinkle to learn about our upcoming events, including the Scholarship fundraiser (plus all the cool events you can attend if you are the successful bidder), CPR renewal or certification, Saint Patrick’s Day, Safety Day, and the Chowder cook-off.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers. You make this club amazing. A particular thanks to:

  • The Scholarship Committee for coming up with interesting fundraiser events and for soliciting corporate sponsors and donations, a new venture for the club.
  • All Members who make our programs and watches interesting and fun.
  • Thanks to our Board for all their careful consideration of the questions that arise and the hours they put in for the good of the order.
  • Thanks to EVERYONE who helps with communications and our website! This work is integral to keeping us informed about events and other club business.
  • Thanks to EVERYONE who worked so hard to put together the Change of Watch!


In the future, the Commodore’s Quiz will focus on “Favorite Places.” I am hoping you will contribute as a way of sharing insight with those who may be less familiar with all the Salish Sea has to offer. The submissions can include public and private marinas, state parks or a quiet anchorage spot. Please send me a photo if you have one, and the reason you love the place pictured. I’ll work up the quiz questions based on your submissions.

“2024 IS UNDERWAY!” Commodore Eileen

There is nothing-absolutely nothing-half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Grahame


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